Agile Coaching

For authentic and lasting change in the service of performance

Avoid the pitfalls of Agile transformations

Illusion of Agility

Very high costs


Address the real challenges

Engaging people in change

Cultivate continuous improvement

Give meaning to Agility

Talking first about the search for performance

Our support services

Evolution du Leadership
  • Become a host of change

  • Embody the change

  • Define organizational performance

High-performing team
  • Align the desired performance with the organization, business and context

  • Start with simple things that make sense

  • Clarify motivation

Continuous improvement
  • Serve the organization's objectives

  • Adopt a solution-oriented approach

  • Experiment "for real"

  • Pollinate learning

  • For everyone

Organizational evolution
  • Focus on the process of experimenting, learning and adapting

  • Invite to change

  • Start with the existing framework

  • Take small steps, iterate

The "Agile Clinic"
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