DevSecOps Training

1 day - 8 persons max *

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Course Overview

One day to discover the DevOps & DevSecOps world. The main purpose is to understand the new paradigms and principles of DevOps with a strong focus on Security including concepts, products, tools and governance.

Target Audience

This course is intended for any company or team wishing to discover the concepts of DevSecOps and  Kubernetes with Security in mind.

Course Outline *

  • Global overview

  • CI/CD secured pipelines

  • Containers & Kubernetes

  • Key security principles for Containers & Cloud environments

  • Cloud Native Application Architecture

  • Binary management

  • Vulnerability management

  • Security for the Kubernetes platform

  • Secret Management

  • Observability

  • Conclusion

  • Roundtable / Q&A session


No prerequisite is necessary to make the most of this course.
* Standard Terms - Modular following your configuration and your goals

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