GIT Training

1 day - 6 persons max *

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Course Overview

The purpose of this training is to discover Git, the most commonly used version control system. This course contains a lot of practical workshops, using a step-by-step approach which will help you learn commands and fundamental concepts behind Git. The course begins by demonstrating version control in a single-user, standalone context, before exploring how remote repositories allow users to collaborate on projects effectively.

Target Audience

This course is intended for System Administrators, Operations, Developers, Architects, DevOps or anybody interested in using Git as a version control system.

Course Outline *

  • Introduction to Git

  • Branches

  • Remote repositories

  • Rebasing

  • Resetting and Reverting

  • Advanced concepts

    • IDE​

    • Infa-as-Code

    • GitOps

  • Lot of labs and practices​


To get the most out of this course, you should have basic computer skills and the ability to install software on your computer.
* Standard Terms - Modular following your configuration and your goals

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