Kubernetes Advanced

4 day - 8 persons max


To get the most out of this course, you should have some knowledge about Docker, Kubernetes and Linux systems. Each participant must have a laptop to perform the labs. Check out our Kubernetes basics course.

Course Outline

  • Kubernetes ecosystem & CNCF landscape

  • Architecture deep-dive with API & Advanced Concepts

  • Configuration & Persistence Workloads

  • Deployment, Scheduling & Lifecycle

  • Packaging and templating K8S native resources with Helm and Kustomize

  • Kubernetes Operator (CRD extension)

  • Observability and monitoring

  • Security with RBAC, Network Policies, Secrets, Certificats, Security, Quotas, …

  • Operate & Troubleshoot Cluster

  • Create a HA cluster with Kubeadm

Target Audience

This course is intended for System Administrators, Operations, Developers, Architects and DevOps requiring in-depth knowledge of Kubernetes.

Course Overview

Kubernetes become indispensable to any company that need to accelerate the delivering of their applications. But how to manage this platform and understand the eco-system in order to extract best practices ?
From Architecture and concepts to practices and troubleshooting you will get a deeper understanding and knowledge on how to operate the Kubernetes platform and how to deploy efficiently an application.

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