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Kubernetes Basics

3 days - 6 persons max *

Course Overview

Either developed in-house or provided by third-party vendors, applications are now commonly packaged and deployed as containers. The purpose of this training is to discover Kubernetes and CNA principles for containerized workloads, then to configure and deploy single and multi-service applications and eventually to operate and troubleshoot them on Kubernetes clusters. This course contains a lot of practical workshops, including the deployment of a production grade application.

Target Audience

This course is intended for System Administrators, Operations, Developers, Architects and DevOps.

Course Outline *

  • Docker & containers - quick recap

  • Kubernetes ecosystem & CNCF landscape

  • Architecture overview

  • API & Concepts

  • Develop a Cloud-Native Application for Kubernetes

  • Configuration & Persistence

  • Deployment, Scheduling & Lifecycle

  • Package with K8S native resources & Helm

  • Operate & Troubleshoot Applications

  • Create a local light-weight cluster for experimentation


To get the most out of this course, you should have knowledge about Linux, Docker and YAML. Each participant must have a laptop to perform the labs.
* Standard Terms - Modular following your configuration and your goals

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